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Cocomelody dresses everywhere!

I don’t really know what is happening right now but everywhere I turn my eyes I can see a wedding happening. I guess that love is in the air… like literally and everyone is so happy that will say “yes” without a blink. Anyway, that’s a nice thing to see. And because I am a good man and soon I will be a best man, if you know what I mean, I want to promote a great website, a website that offers you or better said your future wife good solutions regarding wedding dresses. 

Cocomelody has a lot of sections from where your wife can chose the perfect white thing that will look great in photos too. You will find on their website all kind of stuff from backless wedding dresses to backless gown. Think on something that you want. Done?! Well… you can find it there. You’re welcome!

So after you are done looking after everything, you have to remember that everything should be fun and on this kind of occasion the most important thing is that you fell natural and… happy. As man you will not have very much to think of but in the same time you have to be sympathetic with your girl. 

Don’t think about money… too much. And If we are gonna talk about the financial part you have to know that on Cocomelody is a nice promotion. I know, I know… what kind of promotion?!

Well, if your order is bigger than 300$ which is a minimum cost for a wedding, you can use the code W20. After you will use this code, you will get 20$ back. Think that with that 20$ you can play on the lottery and win the big prize and after all that can be the best wedding present you will get no matter how many time you will get marry.

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